Filming an Introduction – Rhyl Reflections

The latest installment of the Rhyl Reflections production saw Roy Turner back in front of the camera as the team filmed the introduction piece to the film.

We previously saw Roy recant a memory of Rhyl from his childhood, but this time he presented a piece which will be used to introduce the Rhyl Reflections film.

The location was carefully selected, and filming took place on the bridge adjacent to the Children’s Village, chosen as it overlook Rhyl High Street.



Those involved in the Rhyl Reflections production we able to participate in camera operation, sound recording and chose the questions and subject matter that were discussed on film.

A successful session – thanks to all who participated.



If you are interested in the history of Rhyl , or have an interest in film-making, and you would like to help us make a film about the area in the 40s, 50s and 60s then come and join us as we put together this production.

Come along to one of our friendly sessions on Marsh Road in Rhyl – everyone is welcome, and no previous experience is required.  You will get to try your hand at all aspects of film-making, learn more about Rhyl, and be part of a great team working on an ongoing project.

The group meet every Thursday between 4.30 and 6.30pm at the John Davies Building, 82 Marsh Road, Rhyl.

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