Join the TAPE Board of Trustees

TAPE was founded ten years ago to offer the local community a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where people could have the freedom and the space to explore their creativity. This same ethos remains at the heart of everything we do: an ever-expanding calendar of workshops, community projects, music making and recording sessions, and a broad spectrum of film work. Everyone, of every age and background, is welcome to join in.

Our twin passions for music and film have led us to build professional standard recording facilities, a fully equipped digital editing suite, a collection of high quality equipment, and a team of people who are as dedicated as they are talented at making it all work. From our massively popular Ghostbuskers group to our young animators’ club, from our youth and adult projects to the provision of social support and engagement, via community and commercial short film projects, to the cinematic debut of “British Winters” – our first foray into long-form filmmaking, our staging, screening and project facilities seem to know no bounds.

We are so proud of “British Winters”, and the reception it was given, that we have decided to focus more of our efforts on longer format films. We have two new feature-length films in the pipeline, and it is thrilling to tap into so much local enthusiasm and nurture so much ability at every stage of the process: writing, acting, filming, editing, sound engineering and all of the other necessary roles large or small. The positive impact of “British Winters” has continued to snowball, and the British Film institute (BFI) was so impressed with the film and with the story of how we made it is to be used by them as a case study. TAPE is also a delivery partner for the BFI Film Academy Network, the only one in North Wales.

As a charity, we are constantly exploring new avenues of fundraising and revenue generation, but it doesn’t matter how much money we raise if we don’t have a team of remarkable people to help us to deliver all of the projects we envisage. TAPE continues to grow and evolve in ways we could never have conceived ten years ago, and more than anything else this is thanks to everyone who rolls up their sleeves and gets involved in any way they can. If you’d like to join in with any of our groups or projects then please pop in, give us a call, or send us an email – we’d love to hear from you.

To steer TAPE towards an even brighter future, we are also looking to expand our board of trustees. Although we have only mentioned a fraction of TAPE’s activities here, if anything has captured your imagination and if you’re willing to contribute some of your time and expertise to a unique community resource, we’d be delighted if you’d get in touch. In particular, we are looking for people with accounting, legal and marketing skills who would also be willing and able to act as a local ambassador for TAPE. Every application will be carefully considered on its individual merits. Successful applicants will need to be conversant with the duties and responsibilities of being a trustee, as set out in the Charities Act.

To learn more about this fantastic opportunity to join the board of a charity that genuinely changes peoples’ lives for the better, please call us on 01492 512109 or email Thank you.