British Winters – Feature Film

British Winters is based on book of the same title, written by the film’s director Andrew Turner.

After finishing university in 2008, Andrew was keen to do something creative. Without the resources to put his idea on the big screen he decided to write his novel, British Winters (available on

The story is about Noel Winters, a lazy procrastinating youth who is no longer young enough to pull that lifestyle off. The film follows this hapless protagonist through the festive season and into the new year.  Noel is disillusioned with himself as much as the outside world but he draws inspiration from his younger adopted sister, Hannah, a ray of sunny optimism in his blinkered outlook on life. The adaptation to film came along with the start of TAPE’s Coastline Film
. Part of that project’s remit was to make a feature film and screen it at the 2016 festival. Andrew has been involved with TAPE for few years, so the book is known by the charity. Steve Swindon, TAPE’s CEO is a fan.

“The idea of combing the TAPE ethos, maximizing peoples potential through arts and media, into the creation of British Winters, really appealed to me. I’m a big believer in community projects and having worked with TAPE on other projects, I’ve seen how successful they can be. The idea of using local businesses for filming locations, local talent from amateur dramatic societies and local bands for music – it’s one big community effort.” – Andrew Turner

The the film will be premièring at The Coastline Film Festival 2016.

Find out more check out the the ‘British Winters’ Facebook page.

The book can be found on Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions.