Ignite is a scheme developed and run through TAPE Community Music and Film.

The idea of the scheme is to support people of all ages who are looking to begin to explore their creative interests but who may need some help.

Through Ignite, you can be matched to our trained tutors or supported into groups or projects where you can develop your creative ideas.  Whether at home, in school, in your community or at the TAPE Community Arts Centre, Ignite is a scheme to support your creativity in the way that best suits you.

Ignite is also a scheme for creative people who may be looking to volunteer some time to support others.  TAPE will provide you with training and support, to develop and share your talents.

Take a look at the latest IGNITE project

TAPE’s Ignite scheme provides bespoke 1:1 support for people looking to explore new creative ideas or interests. Aaron arrived looking to explore working with 3D graphics and CGI, but had no previous experience.

We partnered Aaron with Flynn, an experienced filmmaker and animator, who joined up with TAPE for the first time to support Aaron’s introduction and learning.

The following clip is the result of Aaron’s work after just 5 sessions. He has now successfully applied to study 3D graphics and game design at Llandrillo college.

IGNITE – Supporting people to realise their creativity, open pathways to learning and brighter futures.

To find out more about Ignite, email steve@tapemusicandfilm.co.uk or call 01492 512 109.