Rhyl Reflections; A testimonial from Stuey Jones


Stuey Jones is a regular participant on our local history project Rhyl Reflections. Stuey has been kind enough to share some words about his time and experience working towards a film that documents Rhyl in its heyday.

I first heard the words “Rhyl Reflections”  from my good friend, David Hughes.
I was told about a Rhyl History project going on at community first on Marsh Road, here in Rhyl, every Thursday. I had worked with David before on a different filming project and my Rhyl local history proved invaluable, especially because of my Aspergers. I can remember, places, dates when things were built and the locality of local landmarks and buildings.

I’ve been working with TAPE for some time now and it has been very enjoyable in applying my knowledge about Old Rhyl. I think that my vast collection of postcard, book, brochures and flyers have really helped bring Rhyl Reflections to life.

Prior to joining, filming had already begun. In November 2015 I had the chance to watch the film with David Hughes and with interviews with local people.
I thought to myself; “I could really help out here”.
At the end of the film David introduced me to Neil Dunsire, the man involved in the ‘TAPE’ project and from there I learned more about the film.

The first Thursday that I arrived, I was nervous! But after settling in I felt I belonged with these people. I’ve made friends with people I’d never met before and from there we have been a great team.
Since, I have worked with many people thanks to Rhyl Reflections and have enjoyed my own research. I have worked on site at Communities First and off site filming in various locations and learning how interviews are filmed. I learned about working with different camera angles, and gained behind the camera experience to see first hand how a documentary comes to life.

It’s been an amazing experience and great to work with different people from different backgrounds. One thing that I have found is that we all have something different in common: we have all had experience is making our own home movies, comedy’s and plays. 
Our love of filmmaking has brought us all together and I think it’s fair to say each and every one of us have learned something from our experience here at Rhyl Reflections and have taken this experience and used it in our own filmmaking skills.

It’s been a journey here at Rhyl Reflections. Looking back at the special film showing event evening we had this year, I did a personal display of all my Rhyl memorabilia, books, postcard showing, Rhyl Brochures, past flyers, pictures of a long gone documented moments in time and not forgetting old Newspapers with a Rhyl Mummy murder mystery!

It’s been great working with Neil and Andy, Lisa, and everyone else. We have had a laugh here at Communities First involved with Tape and it’s been worth every minute, an enjoyable group get together to discuss ideas and even poem writing which I never knew I had in me!

Thank you to Communites First and Tape for inviting me along. I’ve personally enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks Guys ?

Stuey Jones

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