Meet the Team

steve1 Steve Swindon, CEO of TAPE

Steve oversees all of the projects that happen here at TAPE.  He is the project lead for regularly occurring projects such as The Coastline Film Festival, the IGNITE scheme, the Conwy Community Podcast and the Backstage Youth Club.  Steve is also involved in social care development and advocacy and is key support for volunteers and staff. To contact Steve, please email him at

Neil1Neil Dunsire, Project Manager

Neil focusses on the project management and delivery of many projects running here at TAPE.  He is project lead for regular groups such as Ghostbuskers, Rhyl Reflections and Fortified Beats.  Neil also works on commercial project development and is head of our Blow-Up Cinema.  To contact Neil, email him at

Lee FACELee Welburn facilities, IT & Equipment Support

Lee looks after all of the kit here at TAPE and makes sure it is all maintained to a high standard. Lee is also our go-to guy for all things IT related. Lee also procures and manages film licences for any screenings held at TAPE.  He’s also a project worker for The Coastline Film Festival and offers management support to Steve and Neil.  Lee is  the fire safety assistant at TAPE. Lee is contactable at

Sam Martin, Centre Support Worker

Sam is involved in project support and delivery here at TAPE, and is lead of the Animation Club.   He is also main centre support and is on hand to set-up rooms or help visitors and volunteers.  Sam also looks after the maintenance of the building and is both a health & safety assistant and a fire assistant.  Contact Sam at