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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew #10

Approaching Shadows

Presenting opportunities in an inclusive way is the key to offering a supportive service. It is the bedrock of our charity, dating back to our origins in 2008. Niall, found his way to TAPE as he neared the end of his time at university and we’re very glad that he did!

“Every aspect of my experience in working on Approaching Shadows has been wonderful.

I’ve loved being able to get involved in all of the pre-and post-production, whether it be helping write up one scene or editing together another.

What I’ve especially loved though, was getting my first taste of being on-set. Having had no experience in working in film until very recently, it amazes me what I’ve been able to do with TAPE and it’s an honour to be involved in such a collaborative and community-branching project.

Approaching Shadows Nialll

TAPE have done a lot for me in helping me tackle my mental health problems, with social anxiety and depression. They were looking last-minute for someone to cast as a paramedic in the film, so I decided to just jump at the chance. I’ve never had the confidence to put myself out there in such a way, but TAPE came along and helped me find that confidence.

They’re such a supportive, understanding group of people and they strive to make sure everyone feels included. They’re so much fun to work with; I think that’s the key to it all. Having them there was the reason I felt comfortable acting and I’m so happy to say that I’ve grown as a person because of their help. It’ll go down as a huge milestone for me in my life. Something I can always look back on and be proud of doing, and something I can use to grow even further from in the future.”

Approaching Shadows Nialll