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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew#16

Approaching Shadows

Stepping in at the last moment, in any situation, can certainly be very daunting. Another positive aspect of the inclusive production model developed at TAPE, is that positive support is inherent at all times. It is built into the process, which means that people can relax and take the time they need to play their part. Paul, shares his experience of acting in what has turned out to be one of our favourite scenes!

Approaching Shadows Paul

“I’d never acted before. I had a bit part as a mechanic. Someone had to drop out at quite short notice. When Steve asked me to step in, I couldn’t refuse the challenge. Anyone who has ever seen me try and fix something on a car would know just how big a challenge it was. The scene was with a successful, professional actor, Sean Jones, so I was worried beforehand whether I would be up to the job. But on the set everyone was treated equally, no matter whether they were first timers or old hands. Sean was really friendly, as were all the crew, so I was able to relax and really enjoy it. I’d recommend getting involved with a community film to anyone. You never know what hidden skills you might have till you try it.”

Approaching Shadows Paul

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