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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew#17

Approaching Shadows

Arguably the most challenging role in the film is that of Edward. Our first choice was Alan and we were delighted when he agreed. Not only is he a fantastic performer but he is a lifelong advocate of inclusion and opportunity for all. This could be a very long post if we were to share everything that he brought to this project, suffice to say that he could not have been more giving both on screen and behind the scenes. Thank you, Alan.

Approaching Shadows Alan

“Having had the experience of working with TAPE on their first full length film, “British Winters” it was easy to accept Steve’s invitation to appear in “Approaching Shadows”. TAPE is an organisation focused on inclusion for everyone. To see the commitment, enthusiasm, dedication and support to provide the wide range of opportunities for individuals to develop skills and self confidence is truly incredible. To be a part of the TAPE ethos has been a privilege and great pleasure.

PS. I have thawed out at last!”