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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew#21

Approaching Shadows

Confidence is a word which has featured in the vast majority of these posts about our movie. People finding confidence, boosting confidence, confidence to try and confidence born of opportunity and support. Finding and building confidence is something every one of us can relate to and the subsequent successes and achievements can be hugely affecting. Thanks to Jamie for bringing his insight and creative ideas to the film and for sharing his thoughts with us.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed contributing to the production of TAPE’s feature film Approaching Shadows. Having never been involved or close to film production before, it was exciting and an eye opener to be on the scene of a live shoot. Not only that, but getting to be involved with the post-production aspect in the form of film editing has helped to improve my technical understanding. I’ve had the pleasure of practicing interviewing skills for behind the scenes content as well. The people at TAPE have encouraged me to grow and experiment as an artist and given me more confidence to pursue my personal ambitions. Even during these difficult times I reflect on the experiences I’ve had in the relatively short time I’ve been engaged by the people at TAPE.”