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It is with much excitement that we can begin to share our thoughts, feelings and progress on ‘Below the Waves’, TAPE’s 3rd feature film and our first full-length animation!

The project has been part of the conversation at TAPE since we completed British Winters, and Andy began leading the writing project from which the initial idea and draft script emerged. 

Fast forward to August 2023 and we have a wonderful script which has been co-written by over 50 people through hundreds of hours of workshops, meetings and conversations.

The inclusive production model which we continue to develop will expand further still through this project, drawing on lessons learned and the interests and ideas of the people coming through the doors at TAPE and the partners we’ll be connecting with throughout.

There is a palpable excitement and energy around the Below the Waves project and we look forward to sharing updates and stories from the production as we go. Stay tuned! 

Steve Swindon

Founder and Creative Director

August 2023

Creative Inclusion
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