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Below the Waves

Pre-production work has begun on TAPE’s third feature film, ‘Below the Waves’.

The script for this exciting animation has been co-created across ten months of workshops and bespoke writing sessions. 

The script is the work of over 50 people who have shared ideas and experiences to create a wonderful story of family, community and the search for mermaids!

Keep a close eye on TAPE’s social media to find out how you can get involved in this ground-breaking animated feature film project.


August 23, 2023

Below the Waves : Cast and Crew #1

Steve Swindon

It is with much excitement that we can begin to share our thoughts, feelings and progress on ‘Below the Waves’, TAPE’s 3rd feature film and our first full-length animation! The project has been part of the conversation at TAPE since we completed British Winters, and Andy began leading the writing project…

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