Rhyl Reflections; A testimonial from Stuey Jones


Stuey Jones is a regular participant on our local history project Rhyl Reflections. Stuey has been kind enough to share some words about his time and experience working towards a film that documents Rhyl in its heyday.

I first heard the words “Rhyl Reflections”  from my good friend, David Hughes.
I was told about a Rhyl History project going on at community first on Marsh Road, here in Rhyl, every Thursday. I had worked with David before on a different filming project and my Rhyl local history proved invaluable, especially because of my Aspergers. I can remember, places, dates when things were built and the locality of local landmarks and buildings.

I’ve been working with TAPE for some time now and it has been very enjoyable in applying my knowledge about Old Rhyl. I think that my vast collection of postcard, book, brochures and flyers have really helped bring Rhyl Reflections to life.

Prior to joining, filming had already begun. In November 2015 I had the chance to watch the film with David Hughes and with interviews with local people.
I thought to myself; “I could really help out here”.
At the end of the film David introduced me to Neil Dunsire, the man involved in the ‘TAPE’ project and from there I learned more about the film.

The first Thursday that I arrived, I was nervous! But after settling in I felt I belonged with these people. I’ve made friends with people I’d never met before and from there we have been a great team.
Since, I have worked with many people thanks to Rhyl Reflections and have enjoyed my own research. I have worked on site at Communities First and off site filming in various locations and learning how interviews are filmed. I learned about working with different camera angles, and gained behind the camera experience to see first hand how a documentary comes to life.

It’s been an amazing experience and great to work with different people from different backgrounds. One thing that I have found is that we all have something different in common: we have all had experience is making our own home movies, comedy’s and plays. 
Our love of filmmaking has brought us all together and I think it’s fair to say each and every one of us have learned something from our experience here at Rhyl Reflections and have taken this experience and used it in our own filmmaking skills.

It’s been a journey here at Rhyl Reflections. Looking back at the special film showing event evening we had this year, I did a personal display of all my Rhyl memorabilia, books, postcard showing, Rhyl Brochures, past flyers, pictures of a long gone documented moments in time and not forgetting old Newspapers with a Rhyl Mummy murder mystery!

It’s been great working with Neil and Andy, Lisa, and everyone else. We have had a laugh here at Communities First involved with Tape and it’s been worth every minute, an enjoyable group get together to discuss ideas and even poem writing which I never knew I had in me!

Thank you to Communites First and Tape for inviting me along. I’ve personally enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks Guys ?

Stuey Jones

Rhyl Reflections at The Fair – Part 2


Rhyl Reflections – 7th July 2016 – Back at Tir Prince

Last week the team headed back to Tir Prince Fun Park to film some exciting cut aways!


The lovely folk at Tir Prince Fun Park once again allowed use of the fair for  our session last week.  This time, the aim of the shoot was to film much needed cutaway shots of rides and delicious treats that could accurately represent what was available on Rhyl Fun Fair in the 1960’s.


The group samples lots of the food at the fair…all in the name of the film, of course!  Our favourites included the freshly cooked  donuts and burgers.


TAPE member of staff Tom Ellis braved terrifying rides such as the Waltzers, bumper cars and the caterpillar ride (the later he was joined on by Rhyl Reflections group member John)! It is safe to say that this was one of the most enjoyable shoots of the project.



The group would like to thank Tir Prince Fun Park and all their wonderful staff for helping make the shoot possible and a huge thank you to all of the team who were involved on the day.

Special thanks to those of the group who stayed behind and did vital editing for the final film. Fantastic work by all.

And as always, we thank the wonderful Linda Hurst for her brilliant photos.

If you would like to get involved with Rhyl Reflections, check us out over on Facebook, or contact us via email: neil@tapemusicandfilm.co.uk or call us on 01492 512 109

Rhyl Reflections – 23rd June 2016

This week, the Rhyl Reflections team interviewed the lovely Cath Angell, who holidayed in Rhyl circa 1959.


Cath came to Rhyl from the Midlands, and explained that back then, Rhyl was considered a prime holiday destination, and was recommended from one generation to the next.

Cath had many wonderful stories about the variety of different B&B’s she stayed in – all with unique experiences.  Her initial impression of Rhyl was how magical the sea was, and the atmosphere in the area.

Some of her favourite memories included riding the donkeys on the beach, and the hovercraft that used to frequent the sea front.  There were also fond recants of the Water Splash ride!


Cath remembers the packed beaches and the bustle of a thriving seaside resort.  She especially remembers the hunky men in the theatre shows!

Before finally settling in Rhyl, Cath was a regular visitor to the area and holidayed with her own children.  Cath is a well-loved figure in the area and helps out at the local food bank at North Denbighshire Communities 1st.  She lives here with her daughter and her granddaughter – three generations of one family right here in Rhyl.


Thank you to everyone who took part in this weeks session – and special thanks to Linda Hurst for her photography.  Your handwork and dedication to the project is certainly shining through the quality of work achieved – well done to you all.


If you would like to get involved with Rhyl Reflections, check us out over on Facebook, or contact us via email: neil@tapemusicandfilm.co.uk or call us on 01492 512 109

Rhyl Reflections at The Grand Hotel, Llandudno

This weeks session of Rhyl Reflections took us to THE GRAND HOTEL in Llandudno, where our special guests Derek and Doreen were staying.


Derek and Doreen came to Rhyl from Horden – a village in County Durham – which was a mining village until the closure of the Horden Colliery. Derek worked down the mines right up until they closed in 1987.

Derek and Doreen visited Rhyl in 1966 where they stayed at the Derbyshire Miners Holiday Camp on Marsh Road – which coincidentally is the very road where our partners Communities 1st are now based.


Both shared their fond memories of how clean and pleasant Rhyl was, and how posh they though the area was!  They told us of memories of their visits to the fair, of swimming in the swimming pool on the Holiday Camp – something which their 18 month old son would try to do whilst fully clothed within an hour of their arrival in Rhyl!

Other memories included enjoying the lively on-site entertainment and of seeing the many steam trains arrive and leave Rhyl, full of holiday makers – and how the train drivers would toot their whistle to the delight of the on looking children.





Derek and Doreen remember the on-site entertainment team keeping the guests up-to-date with the 1966 World Cup Knock-Out rounds, and how they listened to the final on the coach back home – a happy memory indeed as it was the year England beat Germany to win their one and only World Cup.

In 1986, Doreen and Derek moved to Llandudno – something they would have never done had it not been for their visit to Rhyl 20 years earlier – which opened their eyes to how different life in Rhyl could be from the current life they were leading.


A huge thank you to Derek and Doreen for sharing their wonderful memories of Rhyl with us.
Also, massive thanks to the folk at The Grand in Llandudno for allowing us to film on site – such a beautiful building.
And as always, thank you to the Rhyl Reflections team for all your hard work as we push on with the project.

The lovely photos are courtesy of Linda Hurst.

Rhyl Reflections at the Fair

Another week and another leap forward in progress with the latest installment of Rhyl Reflections.

This week we focussed on the lovely Jean Sedgewick, who we have previously worked with on the project when we interviewed her about her personal memories of Rhyl.


Our location was the magnificent Tir Prince funfair – somewhere that Jean and her family have always had connections with.

We had around 10 of the Rhyl Reflections team out with us during our session.


Jean talks about her fond memories of living and working on the fair – such as elephants being washed in the sea by the visiting circus – something you certainly wouldn’t see today!

Jean even recanted memories of Bob Monkhouse himself gracing the nightclubs in the area!

Jean’s piece goes on to recall the ‘tricks of the fair trade’ – and how patrons were ‘gently encouraged’ to participate in the fair games!

And to top it off, Jean explains how her husbands family trained animals for a living – including a bear that went on to find movie stardom  in the US.

This weeks session really was a special one – thanks to everyone who came along and offered their time and skills to help film this wonderful segment of the Rhyl Reflections film.

A big thank you to Adam Williams and his team at Tir Prince Fun Park for their hospitality.


Huge thanks, as always, to Linda Hurst for her fab photos on the set!

Rhyl Reflections is a project run by TAPE in collaboration with Denbighshire Communities First.  We welcome all who wish to take part, regardless of ability,  whether it be in front of the camera, or behind, learning skills on set.

We have some wonderful words from those involved this week:

Fantastic interview with Jean and some amazing stories shared.
-John Edwards

It was a new experience for me, filming in somewhere like a fair, and one that I really enjoyed!
– Mark Jackson

I got some new and interesting shots, which is building up experience for me.  I’m really loving learning the camera techniques -and Jean’s stories are like gold dust!
– Stuey Jones

Where do I start?  I get really nervous, so asking the questions has helped me improve my confidence.  I find Jeans stories fascinating and I enjoyed being able to ad-lib some of the questions during the interview.
– Paula Jones

If you would like to get involved with Rhyl Reflections, check us out over on Facebook, or contact us via email: neil@tapemusicandfilm.co.uk or call us on 01492 512 109




Filming an Introduction – Rhyl Reflections

The latest installment of the Rhyl Reflections production saw Roy Turner back in front of the camera as the team filmed the introduction piece to the film.

We previously saw Roy recant a memory of Rhyl from his childhood, but this time he presented a piece which will be used to introduce the Rhyl Reflections film.

The location was carefully selected, and filming took place on the bridge adjacent to the Children’s Village, chosen as it overlook Rhyl High Street.



Those involved in the Rhyl Reflections production we able to participate in camera operation, sound recording and chose the questions and subject matter that were discussed on film.

A successful session – thanks to all who participated.



If you are interested in the history of Rhyl , or have an interest in film-making, and you would like to help us make a film about the area in the 40s, 50s and 60s then come and join us as we put together this production.

Come along to one of our friendly sessions on Marsh Road in Rhyl – everyone is welcome, and no previous experience is required.  You will get to try your hand at all aspects of film-making, learn more about Rhyl, and be part of a great team working on an ongoing project.

The group meet every Thursday between 4.30 and 6.30pm at the John Davies Building, 82 Marsh Road, Rhyl.

Rhyl Reflections at the Little Theatre in Rhyl

Following the success of the previous edition of Rhyl Reflections, and many weeks of planning and discussing ideas, the Rhyl Reflections group and the TAPE Film Crew began the first filming session at the Little Theatre in Rhyl last night.

The idea behind the filming is to recreate ‘memories’ of Rhyl as told by members of the group, using a cinematic method of visually portraying the individuals recollections of Rhyl at the time.


Our first memory comes from local man Roy Turner, who grew up in the area and has many memories of Rhyl in its heyday.

His memory centres around the Little Theatre on Vale Road, where Roy and his friends went to see a Saturday matinee film. On this particular Saturday, Roy and his friends were being particularly mischievous – throwing ice cream tub lids up at the screen.  Naturally, the manager at the time was not happy with this behaviour and demanded that Roy pick up each and every one of the lids that were scattered around the cinema.  But Roy, being a cheeky chappie, not only picked up the lids, but stood at the front of the screen after his ‘performance’ and took a huge bow.  Noticing Roy’s huge grin, sheer cheek and beaming charisma, the manager offered him a job on the spot.



A huge thank you to the children involved who played the parts of Roy and his cheeky young friends – you were all absolutely wonderful!

Another thank you to the actors who joined us from Communities 1st in Rhyl. You did a fantastic job and we hope you enjoyed the experience.

And last but most certainly not least, a massive thanks to the YMCA in Rhyl who provided the costumes for the shoot.  Your kind donation helped us keep the scene as authentic to the memory as possible.

We will be shooting more memories as the weeks go on – stay posted to follow our journey towards the next instalment of Rhyl Reflections.

Rhyl Reflections meet every Thursday between 4.30 and 6.30pm at the John Davies Building, 82 Marsh Road, Rhyl.  If you have any memories of Rhyl in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s that you would like to share – as a child or as an adult –  or if you would just like to get involved in the project – get in touch with Neil on 01492 512 109 or email him at neil@tapemusicandfilm.co.uk.

You can also visit our Rhyl Reflections webpage for more information, or follow the story on Facebook.