TAPE collaborate with Flintshire Sorted

Flintshire Sorted  – the young peoples drug and alcohol service based in Flintshire have been working in collaboration with TAPE as we create our third film together.

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Our previous film centered around issues young people face with regards to binge drinking – this film is still being used throughout schools and youth organisations throughout Flintshire as a successful resource.

Flintshire Sorted approached us again, but this time to produce a film about marijuana misuse, to be screened in schools and youth clubs.
Together, we worked with a group of young people to support them as they worked on all aspects of the film to produce the final outcome – ‘Beth’s Story’.

‘Beth’s Story’ premiered last week, and the new film is now going to be used as a resource for young people all across Flintshire.

As a result of the project, the lead actress Hannah, and her co-star Jordan both appeared in roles on the feature film British Winters (set to premiere this November at The Coastline Film Festival) and Hannah has also taken part in voice acting for a national advertising campaign recorded here at TAPE.


Well done to all who were involved in the creation of Beth’s Story.  You all did an amazing job.

For more information about Flintshire Sorted or Beth’s Story, or if you are interested in screening this film at your school or youth project, please contact Flintshire Sorted on: Tel: 01352 703490 or Nicky.Evans@flintshire.gov.uk

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