Ghostbuskers – In The Garden of the Eden Project

Well it has finally happened, after months of careful planning, busking at numerous venues and charitable donations the Ghostbuskers were on their way to Cornwall to participate in the Eden Project. I had the pleasure of accompanying them for this rare and live changing opportunity.


Day #1 – The journey begins

The coach journey was full of life, happy chatter drifted down the aisles and the atmosphere inside the coach was echoed by the beautiful English views. Halfway into the journey and the guitars are whipped out and everyone is treated to some top notch songs – with Lovely Linda sporting her kazoo.

A few twists, turns and detours down the winding and twisting country roads and we arrive at the lodge that we would call ‘home’ for the next two days ‘Galford Springs’.

The whole team was stunned by the layout of the farm, Massive rooms with plenty of space to practice and relax, plenty of beds and activities galore; swimming, snooker, bowling and even a sauna, what a way to live! We all navigated our beds and took our time to get acquainted with our surroundings, before long there were strings being strummed, snooker being played and food a plenty being served as we all sat together, chatted and relaxed our souls. A perfect start to what would soon be a perfect journey.

Day #2 – On the road

The beautiful domes of the Eden Project

Wide awake (whether we liked it on not) by eight o’clock with our instruments packed we hit the road, an hours drive from the venue we’d been longing for so long to see, when we arrived we were greeted by our wonderful guides ‘Alex’ and ‘Michael’. Michael jumped straight into the fun telling the group jokes and funny little antidotes, before we knew it we were led into the rainforest for a little pre-show tour.

Andrew holding a Cocoa pod

We bounced from exhibit to exhibit learning everything from how sugar is collected to how the taste of vanilla was discovered. Michael was a delightful guide as he brought out our interest and eagerness to learn through hands on approaches, the group and I saw some rare and unusual items as The Worlds Largest Coconut and a freshly picked Cocoa pod, for which Michael broke open and allowed us to taste its fruity centre.


Just one of the many fascinating and interesting exhibits

Quarter to One and we were up on stage inside the Mediterranean area of the Eden Project, the climate was almost as hot as the music. Crowds of adults and children alike join in, swarming the stage and dancing about, the singing mixed in with the sound of kazoos echoed throughout the rainforest, a good turn out for our first performance.


Ghostbuskers setting up

Lights, Camera, Action!







After that performance we each had a little bit of free time where we could explore and rest our voices for our next performance which was to be at the Eden Nurseries, we each used this time to explore the magnificent wonders the Eden project had to offer.

We arrived at Eden Nurseries in the early evening, Ghostbuskers along with several other members of the community were invited to participate in the ‘People’s and Gardens’, we all piled into the greenhouse where we were to be performing, everyone took a seat and listened to the speakers that were lined up to address us that evening. We heard some amusing jokes and antidotes from the first speaker, after which we heard from a chef who would be providing the food for us that evening, he spoke to us about the work he does through the charity he and his friend have created called ‘Keep Cornwall Fed’, for every meal he creates he uses ingredients that otherwise might go to waste.

Once we had all filled our bellies with delicious and nutritious vegetable meals Ghostbuskers climbed the stage, little did they know it would be one of the best gigs they had done in a while.

Let’s Rock!


What a crowd!












What a memorable night it was, I kept having to move the camera back so I could fit in everyone as song after song members of the audience danced and sang with the group, the whole greenhouse turned into a disco of blazing music and happy people.

The night churned on, and on went the dancing, one of the workers manged to get the group chanting about picking up litter and looking after plants, while another man got the workers to bring a ladder for him to take pictures – this was such a great idea that I decided to copy it.

As we loaded the equipment back onto the coach multiple people came up to thank us for giving them a great night, the staff said that it was one of the best nights they’ve had in ages, and as we travelled back, ready for bed it is safe to say to that this was the feelings of everyone in the group.

Day #3 – Saying Goodbye

Packed, with some of us a last day swim was in order, by 10 pm we were on the bus waving goodbye to the horses, dogs and everyone else at Galford Springs. The trip home consisted of most people sleeping and relaxing, dreaming of the eventful weekend that we had and wishing that it didn’t have to end. Everyone at Ghostbuskers would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who helped to ake this dream a reality.

I think I speak for everyone at Ghostbuskers when I say that even the journey was long, the nights were restless and nerves were high I would do it all again.

Shoutout Time;

Thank you to all the participants of Ghostbuskers for putting on an excellent show, showing determination throughout the journey and for raising the roof with awesome music that everyone will remember.

A HUGE thanks to the owners ‘Claire’ and her husband at Galford Springs for providing us with beautiful accommodation and use of all their facilities, which helped make our nights extra comfy.

Thank you to Sam, Alex, Michael and everyone involved at the Eden Project and People in Gardens for allowing us to perform for you and giving us a chance to spread our message and what we do.

Thank you to Owen and Voel Coaches for ensuring we got to our destinations on time, and providing us with comfort and safety.

Thank you to Emma & JustGiving for helping up to raise the money needed that allowed us to attend Eden Project.

And most of all A MASSIVE THANK YOU to EVERYONE who donated and supported us throughout the months leading up to this moment, it doesn’t matter how you donated; Localgiving, donations or simply just spreading the word about Ghostbuskers to friends and family, YOU are the reason that we were able to reach our goal and YOU are the reason why this blog exists.

With much love from The Ghostbuskers x

Blog editor: Emily Caie

Assisted Blog editors: Neil Dunsire and Steve Swindon