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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew #4

Approaching Shadows

We were so very fortunate to have the wonderful, Serena Evans become involved with the making of Approaching Shadows. Having someone with so much experience take the lead role in our movie, was amazing in so many ways. More on that in the future. For now, Serena shares some of her thoughts on being part of the project…

“From the minute I met Steve, I felt at home, and loved the sound of the way that he and the team worked at TAPE. I was really keen to be involved, or helpful in any way, so when he asked me to be in ‘Approaching Shadows’, I was thrilled, excited and nervous, all at once. It was such a huge privilege to be a part of ‘Approaching Shadows’, and, right from the start, to feel part of an all inclusive, and wonderfully diverse team.”

Approaching Shadows

“All my working life, as a professional actress, I have worked with the pressure of money-fuelled deadlines and the tension of needing to ‘be perfect’, and suddenly I found myself in a world where everyone was nurtured and listened to; each person’s view was heard and acted upon, we were all on the same level, working as a super creative team. It was a dreamy way to work (for me) and opened up the endless possibility of creativity, and producing something new in each moment. To feel creative and nurtured in this way is an actors dream! And to be part of an inclusive community like TAPE has been a huge privilege for me.”

Approaching Shadows audio

“TAPE is such an unusual and special organisation, and must be given all the funding and support it needs for the amazing and unique work that it is doing. So I feel very proud to be part of this collaboration, and I have never experienced such a kind hearted and yet very productive film set. This was the best fun.”