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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew #1

Approaching Shadows

As work continues on the post-production, we’d like to share some thoughts from a few of the folks involved in the film. We’ve asked people to describe their involvement and what working on a project in this way has meant to them. First up is Elliot, who has been creating some incredible music for the film.

Approaching Shadows Elliot

“Working on Approaching Shadows has been a wonderful, genuinely life-enhancing experience. I’ve been involved with music (in some amateur capacity or other) for years. However, I had never been asked to create a soundtrack before. Overcoming my own self-doubts and slowly finding my feet in a fashion that worked for the film has been hugely satisfying and helped me grow as a music maker and collaborator. Knowing that I’m part of a community of people working towards a shared goal as ambitious as a full-length feature film has also been incredibly rewarding. I’m very grateful to be involved.”