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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew #8

Approaching Shadows

TAPE works with people of all ages and as such, ongoing support for young people as they grow is an area of our work in which we have seen many and ongoing success. Kallum, now in his early twenties and studying for an MA in Theatre Direction, has been with TAPE since he was 14. His various roles in Approaching Shadows have been both mutually significant and hugely important for the overall project.

“I knew about the script for Approaching Shadows a while before we started work on it, after reading a draft I was very excited get to work on the film. I got stuck in in lots of different roles from camera, sound, direction and I have a small scene where I’m an actor which despite studying acting for 3 years was a pretty big challenge. TAPE’s developing process of community-lead filmmaking is growing and adapting and while others say it’s improbable, TAPE are proving it works. I met lots of brilliant collaborators alongside people I’ve worked with before on the film and I think everyone enjoyed the process and I can’t wait to see the final cut and beyond that the next film for which TAPE’s process will have refined further.”