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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew #9

Approaching Shadows

Becoming involved in a supportive, long-form, creative project creates an ideal space in which a person can discover new talents or ideas for future activities. Kaz shares how she has been inspired by her experiences during the making of Approaching Shadows…

“My experience of working on set (haha I love saying ‘on set’ makes me sound so professional) anyway my experience of working on set of Approaching Shadows has been an amazing one at that I’ve enjoyed every second of it. Whether it be going out on set or editing behind the scenes.

I’m glad to say that because of my experience I’ve been accepted on to a Level 3 Media Production Course and I’m hoping to go to uni and possibly work for the BBC. I’m so thankful for the experience and opportunity. I’m excited for more opportunities to arise in the near future. Much appreciated!”

Approaching Shadows Kaz