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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew#12

Approaching Shadows

The production model developed at TAPE centres on inclusion and opportunity for all. In practice, this means that people with no experience at all can find themselves working alongside people with varying levels of experience, from aspirant creatives and graduates, to experienced and highly talented individuals, such as the wonderful Roque Cameselle Capón. Roque is an award-winning animator and filmmaker who, along with his talent and experience, brought a boundless enthusiasm and positivity into the production. The film would never have left the page were it not for his support – thank you, Roque!

“The Approaching Shadows story hooked me from the first draft. I fell in love with the main character, Vi. She is an original hero, strong and brave in a very unusual ways. What happened to her in the movie was spooky.

It has been a slow-cooked production. All the filming process has lasted almost a year. It has been a great, challenging adventure: we have lived in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, we have got lost in the darkness of remote roads, and we have submerged ourselves in the frozen water of rivers and lakes. The entire TAPE team and all the people involved have worked hard to get the best result, always ready to give their best, and enjoying every moment of it. We learned together not only we are capable to make a feature film, but also we can make great movies.”

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