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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew#15

Approaching Shadows

We work closely with so many people across TAPE projects and it is very often the case that getting involved in a creative project will unearth the personal ambitions or creative interests of colleagues from partner organisations. Gareth (seen below in the blue jacket) is an amazing teacher and, as it turns out, a very capable and willing performer!

“I was asked by Steve while working on a different project if I was up for being killed with a cricket bat on his new film. I immediately agreed as I know what great work all the guys at TAPE do and I was quite excited about being pummelled to death, in a weird kind of way. What I didn’t expect was the whole process to be so enlightening.

I work with young people with Autism and they often have different barriers and needs within society and are not seen in the same light as other poeple. On the team at the filming session were young adults who may have found it difficult to fit into schools etc when they were younger. The team from TAPE were extremely inclusive and really listened to the ideas of these poeple. These young adults were a real part of the team and it really was one of the most truly inclusive experiences I have been involved in. I can’t wait to see the film and I really hope to work with TAPE in the future.”