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Approaching Shadows: Cast and Crew#19

Approaching Shadows

Dave Rothnie has done some truly fantastic work in bringing regular stand-up comedy to North Wales through his Stand-up at the Seaside events. We have been fortunate enough to collaborate on some really special events with Dave and work to support one another whenever possible. The ‘walkers attack’ scene was always intended to have some comedic tone to it, so when Dave accepted the offer to get involved, we knew we could relax and let the magic happen – which it did!

Approaching Shadows Dave

“As a local comedy promoter and performer, I’ve long been aware of TAPE’s pioneering and inclusive work in the creative arts and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steve in the past. So when he offered me a role in his latest film, I immediately accepted – without even asking what my role would be. “You get killed with a cricket bat. Think ‘American Werewolf in London’….” he said. “Ok”.

Approaching Shadows Dave

I loved the entire experience but what I admired most was the ambition and professionalism of everyone involved. The inclusive nature of TAPE means that everyone’s ideas are listened to in such a positive spirit of creative collaboration. My character may have come to a brutal and sticky end, but I never imagined being murdered with a cricket bat could be an uplifting experience. It was great to meet everyone involved and I can’t wait to see the final cut.”

Approaching Shadows Dave

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