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One-Movie Film Festival Day 3

The One Movie Film Festival is an exciting, rolling event brought to you by TAPE, supported by the North Wales LD Transformation Project and Film Hub Wales.

Each ‘Day’ of the festival will take place over a long weekend, where people can access the main feature along with a host of bespoke content linked to the themes and ideas within that film.

The festival has been co-produced by people accessing TAPE’s Media Club project. Follow TAPE on social media to stay up to date with the festival and to take part in the live Q&A sessions.

One-Movie Film Festival

My Feral Heart
Main Feature

My Feral Heart

Interview with Duncan Paveling

Sima Gonsai’s Website

Our theme for Day #3 of OMFF is Down’s Syndrome and we are excited to showcase the work of multi-award winning director, Sima Gonsai.
Sima has a very creative approach to encouraging people to dance and her films are amazing! Follow the link to Sima’s website to watch the films, We Are Here, One Fine Day and Freefall.

North Wales Down’s Syndrome Association

Live Q&A will take place on Tuesday 4th May at 6pm

Films are available for a limited weekend period, hosted on the TAPE Vimeo page. Interview content will remain accessible forever on the TAPE website with links to where films can be further accessed, if possible.

  The One Movie Film Festival is supported by Film Hub Wales as part of the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN), made possible by the National Lottery

One-Movie Film Festival

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